Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy
Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy

The Scottish experimental group ‘Young Fathers’ has released their fourth album, ’Heavy Heavy’, which pierces the bull’s eye multiple times. It’s been five years since their previous album ‘Cocoa Sugar’, which is a relatively long time in the music business. But the wait has been worth it since ‘Heavy Heavy’ is full of surprises and tracks that take the listener to the beautiful ritual site. ‘Young Fathers’ has always had their own way of doing things.

Both instrumentally and with vocals, it’s hard to compare them to anyone. The band takes pieces from post-punk, black spiritual music, hip hop, and noisy indie pop. If their music would be compared to any other artists, maybe M.I.A. could be mentioned even though both of their music is pretty different.

But just the attitude and ways how they both combine different types of music, feelings, and ways of arranging details are very confident and brave.

The album’s first three tracks have a simple beat in the background that carries the tracks forward. They are all hypnotic and wrap the listener in a tight hold. They all have interesting details that need multiple repeats to catch them. Even though the album cover seems pretty dark, the three first tracks (as well as most of the album) have a very positive touch.

The album’s start is not the only part built on repetition. ‘Gerenimo’, with a slower and softer touch, is another hypnotic track that builds momentum towards the end. ‘Heavy Heavy’ also includes a bit poppier side, which reminds of bands like ‘M83’ or the era of ‘Viva la Vida’ of ‘Coldplay’. Before the last slow dance, ‘Sink Or Swim’ and ‘Holy Moly’ takes the listener to the middle of a spiritual mass gathering where people are dancing with sweat and tears of joy on their faces.


The cacophony of the many tracks of the album balances between noise and simple and catchy melodies. This is one of the most interesting things about ‘Heavy Heavy’.

‘Young Fathers’ has always been an interesting band but ‘Heavy Heavy’ is probably the highlight of their discography. The tracks are well organized with multiple layers and details, making the album last for multiple repeats. The short length makes the listener craving for more.

The music of ‘Young Fathers’ does not have boundaries. The band does whatever they want to do.

Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy

Released, February 3rd, 2023

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